Brouwer Kesmac Global OEM Replacement Parts

Brouwer Kesmac offers, through a growing network of global dealers, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts worldwide for all our equipment.

– Genuine original parts ensure long life and low overall replacement costs
– Free over the phone service calls with our experienced service team to reduce downtime
– The industry’s largest dealer network
– Quick response and worldwide parts shipping from our global network of dealers and depots
– Competitive pricing
– Ensure quality, fit and warranty

Brouwer Kesmac original engineered parts include:
– Hydraulic components including: pumps, motors, cylinders, valves and filters
– Upgrade and update kits
– Bearings, bushings and belts
– Cutter head parts
– Electrical components including: sensors, cables and repair components
– Conveyor and pick-up head components
– Heavy Duty Conveyor mats
– Cutter blades (including the Brouwer V blade)
– Mower reels / bed knifes

It pays to use the right parts.

Contact: Brouwer Kesmac for more information at 1-888-341-5113
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Brouwer Kesmac Customer Care

Brouwer Kesmac has built its name on Customer Care. Our parts department, service team and factory technicians, in conjunction with our dealers, provide prompt after sales service, support and training. We have added technology to improve service. Our NEW state of the art Brouwer Telematics for Automatic Harvesters allow our technicians to perform remote diagnostics, updates, adjustments and monitoring utilizing GMS/GPS communication without travelling to your farm! Quality original parts matched with Brouwer Kesmac Customer Care, ensure that customers globally, can have the correct parts, technical support and quick response necessary to maximize equipment efficiency and reliability.

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