Brouwer 1570 Sod Harvester

Brouwer 1570 Sod Harvester

The Brouwer 1570 Harvester has a light weight floating cutter head that can reduce waste and increase quality even in tough, wet conditions. The unlimited control adjustment combined with the see through design allows for easy maintenance and overall ease of operation.



  • New lighter weight floating cutting head for improved turf quality and less waste
  • Uncluttered see-through design for easy maintenance and operation
  • Can harvest 16”, 18”, or 24” widths in 18” to 100” lengths. Rolls or Slabs
  • Quick, easy cut-off spring tension adjustment
  • New exclusive Brouwer low-profile rubber mat with polyethylene sliders is gentle on turf
  • No waste: cuts close to pipes, fences and ditches
  • Conveyor front weight bar, standard
  • Independently mounted Curved or Cross Conveyor
  • Hydraulic flap control (Roll)
WIDTH OF CUT 12” (305mm) 16” (406mm) 18“ (457mm)
23” (584mm) 24” (610mm)
LENGTH OF CUT 24” (610 mm) to 100” (2540 mm)
PERFORMANCE 1500 sq. yd. (1260 m/sq.) per hour.
THICKNESS OF CUT Power Adjustable to 2 1/8” (54 mm)
OPERATING DIMENSIONS L.176 in.(4470 mm.) W. 120 in.(3048 mm.)
H. 104 in. (2641 mm.)
WEIGHT John Deere 2WD 11210 lbs. John Deere 4WD 11755 lbs.

• Optional brush attachment keeps turf free of debris and clippings
• Optional 4 wheel drive
• Optional Auto-Steer with on-the-go micro-adjustment to increase turf yield per acre


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